A trailer from our concert at Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, May 2021

A film of a our concert at Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, May 2021

Our performance at Mooste Elohelü in August 2020.

In 2021, Helsinki Stage filmed a selection of our songs and tunes and interviewed us. The songs included are:

Sõprade labajalg (Friends’ Labajalg) – A dance tune written by Eva.

Lõoke/ Skylark – In 1936, in Estonia, Mari Sutt was recorded imitating various birds’ song using nonsensical words and phrases. Being inspired by that, we used Mari’s imitation of skylark as the springboard for our own bird imitation.

Helevalge tuvi (A Dove Flew Over England) – A traditional counting game from Estonia which we set to music. It’s surprisingly topical for 2020-2021!

Select a video by clicking on the pictures below the video player. There are subtitles in English and Estonian for the interview and English subtitles in Helevalge tuvi (A Dove Flew Over England).

A selection of videos from Tallinna Tantsuklubi (Tallinn Dance Club, Estonia), December 2019 and our concert at The Floodgate, UK in June 2019